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Research Ribbons


Our brains have no brakes.


Free Will is neither free, nor will.


My brain is trying to survive—in Paleo times!


Modern ways are killing us slowly.


What once helped us survive has gone awry!


Eating, gambling, drinking, Facebook—what's your addiction?


Easy access can be easy excess.


Stay in the center of the wheel—don't bump on the edges.


Mental, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual is not multiple choice.


Blame and shame are normal, they just don't work.


Denial is normal, it just doesn't work.


Our ancestors treated their corn right—with lye and lime!


Foods are chemicals and they "chemically addict."


Fat is not your fate.


Free Will is a human illusion (Einstein).


Biochemistry + hormones drive our actions.


Dopamine made me do it!


It's all about balance—in and between mind, heart, body and spirit.


Insulin made me do it!


My brain made me do it.


My body made me do it.


Cortisol made me do it!


Insulin made me do it.


Sugar made me do it.


Mom's womb made me do it.


Greedy companies made me do it.


Government policies made me do it.


My boss made me do it.


We are not in control.


Gluttony and sloth are results, not causes.


If you bulk up like a bear, then hibernate like a bear!


Good foods heal you mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.


Hypoglycemia can make you irritable and angry.


Good fats, carbs, proteins? Know the difference!


Can't put that smart phone down?


Shop 'til you drop and can't stop?


Your head, heart, body, and spirit are connected.


Fatty foods can simulate marijuana in the brain.


Trans-fatty acids can make you irritable and aggressive.


If you can't stop, you're addicted.


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