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T.K. Wolf Activities




KGOU Interview: Native Americans Are The Most Stalked Group (Dapice) 1/25/14


The Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival (organizer Wilkins), Educational booth (Rogers, Adams-Harris, Dapice). 1/31-2/2/14.


“Preserving Our Tribal Languages Forum” sponsored by The Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival and The Greater Tulsa Area Indian Affairs Commission (GTAIAC). (Dapice) 2/1/14


“Directions for Wholeness from the Medicine Wheel,” Southwest Unitarian Universalist Women’s Conference, Downtown Hyatt Regency, Tulsa, (Dapice, Adams-Harris) 2/22/14


“Native Nonprofit T.K. Wolf Helps Victims of Stalking.” Indian Country Today (ICTMN Staff) 2/27/14


University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Museum, “Native American Voices: The People Here and Now” participated in opening and ribbon cutting celebration; honored with peyote fan to remain in the exhibit for three years (Dapice) 3/1/14


OU-Tulsa President Gerard Clancy on Health Policy at Schusterman Conference Center (Attending Hunter/Dapice) 3/11/14


Feature Story on Penn Museum Native American Voices Exhibit, Gazette Alumni Magazine (Dapice) 3/31/14


Peer Review in professional journal Violence and Victims, “Police Officers’ Attitudes and Challenges with Charging Stalking” (Dapice) 4/7/14


Human Rights Commission Dinner, Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa (Dapice, Hunter) 4/8/14


Meeting with Chandini Sharma, MD (gerontologist) and her nurse practitioner re T2D and dementia, Tulsa (Dapice) 4/17/14


Indian Country Today, “Still Killing Us—Neither Softly nor Slowly,” Ann Dapice, PhD



Presented James Brister Native Alumni Award at UPenn for graduating senior (Dapice) 4/28/14


UPenn for Natives at Penn and Association of Native Alumni (ANA) events—“Seven Generations plus Seven” program, Alumni Weekend Event; Greenfield Intercultural Center (GIC) Brunch, Baccalaureate, Fine Arts Graduation, College of Arts and Sciences Graduation Commencement, UPenn Commencement; meetings at Penn Museum. Council Meeting, Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania. (Dapice) 5/16-5/23/14


ANA, UPenn conference call (Dapice) 5/28/14


Google Hangouts meeting with Diversity Alumni, UPenn. (Dapice) 6/4/14


Conversation with Tina Pierce Fragoso re plans for College Horizons at UPenn (Dapice) 6/9/14


Conference call to Singapore and Arizona ANA alumni about funding for Native Studies Faculty Chair (Dapice) 6/13/14


Case Manager Works with Homeless at Tulsa Libraries. (Hunter) 6/25/14


Communications with Diversity Alliance Chairs, UPenn. (Dapice) 7/7/14


Meeting re homeless in libraries (Hunter/Dapice) 7/9/14


Communications with SON, UPenn re research potential projects (Dapice) 7/22/14


Beginning T.K. Wolf communications re Begay grant applications to become Seven Generations: Prevention of Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes in American Children. 8/9/14


UPenn, University Museum, Lenape Treaty Signing (Dapice presentation, Adams-Harris attending) 8/13/14


Skype conversation with Singapore alum (Dapice, technical assistance from Adams-Harris) 8/14/14


KYW (Philadelphia) interview arrangements with UPenn Museum re Lenape Treaty Signing (Dapice) 8/14/14


Meetings with Tina Pierce Fragoso re campus Native student recruitment and admission (Dapice, Adams-Harris) 8/14-15)


Conversations with UPenn School of Nursing (SON) Deans re meetings in September (Dapice) 8/15/14


Lenape Treaty Signing events, Cape May, NJ (Dapice/Adams-Harris) 8/16-17/14


Initial contact with Notah Begay III Foundation re obesity and T2D grant application (Dapice) 9/9/14


Entertained Tina Pierce Fragoso, UPenn Admissions, at Gilcrease Museum, Tulsa, OK (Adams-Harris, Dapice) 9/14/14


20th Annual Zarrow Mental Health Symposium “All Things Prevention” at Cox Business Center, Tulsa. Mental Health Prevention-Mitigation luncheon panel speaker K. LaFortune; T.K. Wolf educational booth (Rodgers, Adams-Harris/Dapice) Conference Participants (Brauchi, Adams-Harris, Dapice); Patrick Kennedy Dinner (Adams-Harris, Hunter, Dapice) 9/18-19/14


Meetings with Native students at UPenn GIC, Diversity Alumna, Assistant Deans Jemmott and Lipman, SON re joint project between T.K Wolf and UPenn SON native students on Seven Generation project (Dapice) 9/23/14; Meetings with Native students in morning: dinner with Dean, Assistant Deans, UPenn SON, GIC Assistant Director and Native nursing students (Dapice) 9/24/14.


“Tribal Languages: From Death to Life” Cooper Series, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA (Dapice and two Oklahoma Swarthmore College students) 9/25/14


Communications with pediatric endocrinologist Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF re serving as resource for Seven Generations project (Dapice) 10/7/14


Conversations with Latino and Black alumni association chairs, UPenn. (Dapice) 10/9/14


Communications re Seven Generations project summary to Deans Lipman and Jemmott at UPenn SON and communication with Native students (Dapice) 10/22/14


Tulsa World Readers Forum: “He said, she said—Who do we believe and what do we do?” (for Domestic Violence Month, (Dapice) 10/23/14


Emailed Jacqueline Campbell, PhD re her assessment of danger tool now in use by OK law officers (Dapice) 10/31/14


Provided food for GTAIAC Awards Dinner, OU-Schusterman Conference Center (Dapice) 11/6/14


Prepared list of pre-Columbian foods for Seven Generations project (Dapice) 11/8/14


Communication with Lori Fullbright re domestic violence video aired on TV (Dapice) 11/12/14


Provided links on mental health issues of American Indians to Bryn Mawr College student at her request (Dapice) 11/17/14


Sent Science News article on electrical stimulation research to major CES researchers across US. (Dapice) 11/17/14


GTAIAC By-Laws Committee re criteria for Commissioners (Dapice). 11/18/14


UN Kids World GTAIAC Booth (Dapice) 11/20/14


Whitehouse American Indian Listening Session, Wilson Teaching and Learning Academy, Tulsa.  Presentation for Sapulpa Schools Indian Education (Rodgers) and luncheon Lenape prayer (Dapice) 11/21/14


Reviewed Lustig YouTube videos for use in Seven Generations: 90 min Lustig video; 4 minutes TED cartoon

22 min interview Majority Report. 22 min TED 12 minutes (Dapice) 11/26/14


Meeting with Sapulpa Public Schools Superintendent re approval for Severn Generations project (Rodgers, sent to TKW Board) 12/1/14


American Diabetic Association—Tulsa Chapter (ADA-T) requested information re Seven Generations project (LaFortune referral and sent by Dapice) 12/3/14


Request by Matt Gleason at Mental Health Association OK for OKC American Indian to be interviewed re stigma of mental illness and Indians. Referred to Richard Ray Whitman and contacts with MHAOK completed (Dapice) 12/4/14


Sept to present. 7 Generations project: Google Hangout documents and Hangouts (Rodgers, Adams-Harris, Dapice); Conversations with Begay Foundation September and November (Dapice); Meetings with Sapulpa Superintendent of Schools (Rodgers); Communications with pediatric endocrinologists at UPenn and UCSF, UPenn students; ADA-Tulsa.


Testing a variety of recipes with lime treated cornmeal in preparation for Seven Generations project. (Dapice) 10-12/14


Ongoing work:

Education Committee, Mental Health Association of Oklahoma (Hunter, Dapice)

Member, Board of Directors for the National Indian Monument and Institute (Wilkins, Dapice).

American Indian Arts Association (Wilkins, Adams-Harris, Dapice)

Commissioners, Greater Tulsa Area Indian Commission (Wilkins, Dapice)


Ongoing research re NA issues and database continuation

Responding to past and present T.K Wolf clients





Ray Rodgers, Vanessa Adams-Harris, Barbara Martin, Bob Martin and Ann Dapice will introduce the new Interactive Medicine Wheel website at University of Pennsylvania, Phila. PA, 3/29 and will participate in the Penn Powwow 3/30/2013.


Ann Dapice, Deborah Hunter and Vanessa Adams-Harris will be co-presenters of “The Good We Would but Do Not” for the John Hope Franklin Symposium 2013, “The Value of Reconciliation: Opportunity, Equity & Race,” to be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, 100 E. 2nd Street, Tulsa, OK, 5/29-31/2013. The session will present values research drawn from the disciplines of psychology, sociology, philosophy, religion and neuroscience and utilize interactive modes of art, story and drama in its presentation.


Ann Dapice will participate in Alumni Weekend programs and Greenfield Intercultural Center and graduation activities at University of Pennsylvania, Phila., May 11-13, 2013.


Ann Dapice has been requested to write an article on Native Medicine for the September 2013 issue of Oklahoma Humanities Magazine. Dana Tiger will provide the artwork for the article.


Ann Dapice is Co-Chair for Penn Spectrum 2013, University of Pennsylvania, Phila., PA, September 20-22, 2013.


MHAT Education Committee members Deborah Hunter and Ann Dapice will participate in the Zarrow Mental Health Symposium 2013, “Implications of Brain and Biological Research on Clinical Practice.” Tulsa Convention Center, September 26-27, 2013. T.K. Wolf has submitted a workshop presentation.


T.K. Wolf Board members will participate in the National Conference American Indians to be held in Tulsa, October 13-18, 2013.


Ann Dapice presented a lecture, “Type Two Diabetes and Alcoholism” at the International Diabetes Conference in Melbourne, Australia, December 2-6, 2013.




Communication from Cherokee Marshall re Stalking Awareness workshop for January (Dapice). 1/3.


Conference call with University of Pennsylvania Associate Provost, Dr. Lynn Lees, re funding for the educational event on indigenous issues at Alumni Weekend to be held in May (Dapice). 1/4.


Editing of Reid Meloy interview for upcoming stalking workshop (Adams-Harris, Dapice) 1/10.


Tulsa World op-ed on stalking for Stalking Awareness Month co-written with Sherry Clark of f.a.c.e.s.and published (Dapice). 1/18.


Stalking Awareness all-day workshop at Tri-County Technology Center in Bartlesville, OK (rural Oklahoma Violence Against Women grant) with new video of J. Reid Meloy on stalking done by Adams-Harris (Dapice, Adams-Harris). Began with traditional native ceremony. 1/18.


Sent Tulsa World Op-Ed to Michelle Garcia at Stalking Resource Center and info about workshop and use of SRC Stalking Technology Video for their website. Request from Ms. Garcia to view new Meloy video and positive response to our Op-Ed (Dapice). 1/19.


Planning with Oklahoma Indian Educators to show Indian stalking video and Reid Meloy stalking video. Rodgers/Dapice. 1/19.


Native American Times published Dapice/Clark Op-Ed on stalking (web and hard copy). 1/20.


Attended Mental Health Association in Tulsa’s Annual Retreat and planning meeting for national mental health housing conference to be held in September. Sub-committee on tribal and cultural involvement in conference. (Hunter, Dapice). 1/21.


Request from Tulsa County judge for educational meeting on stalking because he said he’d learned much he didn’t know about stalking from our recent Op-Ed (Dapice). 1/24.


Meeting with new website manager to address problems of previous webmaster. (Adams-Harris, Dapice). 1/26.


Continued positive feedback from community on excellence of Op-Ed piece and workshop (Dapice). 1/28.


Article by Dale Lewis in Bartlesville Enterprise-Examiner re T.K Wolf stalking awareness workshop. 1/29.


All day workshops for multiple agencies for development of Community Response to Violence Teams at Tri-County Tech in Bartlesville, OK (Dapice). 2/1-3.


Sent Pam Grossman of Bartlesville Ministerial Alliance information and research re sexual assault, intimate partner violence and stalking for use in their efforts to address these issues (Dapice). 2/8.


Submitted materials for 2 sessions to Oklahoma Coalition for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking conference to be held in June (Dapice). 2/8.


Communication re upcoming meeting with Muscogee-Creek Principal Chief related to use of American Indian stalking video and work with tribal judges and behavioral health employees. (Dapice, Adams-Harris). 2/15.


Attended all-day workshop on Teen Dating Violence at Tri-County Tech, Bartlesville (Dapice). 2/15.


Volunteered at 25th Tulsa Indian Art Festival, Glenpool, OK, directed by new T.K. Wolf Board member Wilkins (Dapice). 2/16-17.


Correspondence with stalking victim re beginning a victim support group (Dapice). 2/18.


Conversation with and application to Gary Schwartz, Executive Director, TIDES FOUNDATION re renewal of grant to T.K. Wolf, Inc (Dapice). 2/20.


Communications with Attorney Tim Gray and f.a.c.e.s. President Sherry Clark and client re OK legal rights of stalking victims who have been fired (Dapice). 2/21-2/22.


Communication from Rose Thelan, Co-Counder, Gender Violence Institute, Clearwater, MN (Dapice). 2/27.


Meeting with Principal Chief George Tiger, Muscogee-Creek Nation re stalking prevention and intervention. (Adams-Harris.) 3/1.


Letter sent to Bacone College re stalking prevention and intervention. (Adams-Harris) 3/5.


Prepared Myers-Briggs Type information for OTT-NOW Team member (Dapice). 3/14.


Contacted Sam’s Club re Community grants (Dapice). 3/15.


National White House VAWA conference call focused on American Indian issues. Participated in conversation. Lynn Rosenthal, White House Adviser on Violence Against Women, Kim Teehee, White House Senior Policy Advisor for Native American Affairs, Sam Hirsch, Deputy Associate Attorney General, U.S. Department of Justice on call (Dapice). 3/16.


Provided for Adams-Harris’ Brandeis University presentation (Dapice):'s-rights 3/18.

“Feminist Sexual Ethics Conference,” Brandeis University, Vanessa Adams-Harris, speaker. 3/19.


Participated in OTT-NOW Grant Health Professional Med/Ed Event on Intimate Partner Violence, Washington County Health Department, Bartlesville, OK (Dapice). 3/22.


Participated in OTT-NOW Sexual Assault Awareness Event, Bartlesville, OK (Dapice). 4/11.


Participated in Osage Nation’s Sexual Awareness Program (Dapice), Pawhuska, OK. 4/19.


White House report on VAWA sent to Indian Educators in OK (Rodgers). 4/30.


Video interview for MHAT Zarrow National Symposium at Woodward Park (Dapice), Tulsa, 5/3.


Article re UN Declaration of Human Rights of Indigenous Peoples report re sexual assault and IPV by non-Indians against Indians in US sent to T.K. Wolf Board, OTT-NOW Grant Team (Dapice) and to Indian Educators in OK (Rodgers). 5/4.


Alumni Weekend, Association of Native Alumni events, “Alumni journeys, professional engagements after Penn: Connecting the past and the present to envisioning the future,” University of Pennsylvania, Phila (Dapice). 5/12.


Meeting and greeting families of graduates, Greenfield Intercultural Center annual brunch, University of Pennsylvania (Dapice). 5/13.


Procession in University of Pennsylvania Commencement Association of Native Alumni (Dapice). 5/14.

Tulalip leader testimony to Congress re VAW Reauthorization Act sent to OTT-NOW Team, TKW Board (Dapice). 5/23.


Evaluated and returned workshop presentations submitted for the Zarrow Mental Health Symposium 2012 for MHAT Education Committee (Dapice). 5/24.


Deborah Hunter nominated as Oklahoma Poet Laureate. 5/30.


All-day CEU Presentation for University of Oklahoma Youth Services, OKC, OK to agency professionals across state, rural and city, that respond to stalking among youth (Dapice). 6/5.


Communication with J. Campbell, IPV expert, Johns Hopkins re participation in her research (Dapice). 6/8.


Provided Reid Meloy video on stalking to OCDVSAS Conference. (Adams-Harris/Dapice) 6/18.


Oklahoma Coalition for Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking conference, Tulsa, OK, participated in OTT-NOW Plenary Lunch “Collaboration” Panel and presented workshop on Native American Stalking, Renaissance Conference Center, Tulsa (Dapice). 6/20.


Campus Elder for College Horizons at University of Pennsylvania, Phila. (with 93 students from 48 contiguous states, Alaska and Hawaii attending with nearly as many counselors, faculty, staff, and college representatives from 38 colleges and two preparatory schools) and beginning remarks, “Of Turtles and Two-Leggeds,” ceremonies and meetings with attendees (Dapice). 6/22-29.


Provided following suggestions for MHAT Education Committee for Zarrow Symposium 2013:

1) Contact info for Jordan Smoller, Harvard University, Book: The Other Side of Normal: How Biology is Providing the Clues to Unlock the Secrets of Normal and Abnormal Behavior. 2012. Morrow.

2) Contact info for David J. Linden, Professor of Neuroscience, Johns-Hopkins University School of Medicine. Books: The Accidental Mind, 2008 Independent Award Silver Medal Winner & Compass of Pleasure: How Our Brains Make Fatty Foods, Orgasm, Exercise, Marijuana, Generosity, Vodka, Learning, and Gambling Feel So Good.

3) Contact info for Nora Volkow.

(Dapice) 7/12.


Most recent VAWA legislation status received and sent to OTT-NOW Team and T.K. Wolf Board (Dapice). 7/24.


Meeting re “Power Monkeys” project, Owasso, OK (Hunter/B. Martin/R.Martin/Dapice) 8/5.


Analyzed OTT-NOW Grant report (80 pages) and sent to T.K. Wolf Board (Dapice). 8/7.


Researched homelessness statistics for victims of IPV/Stalking for presentation at Zarrow National Mental Health Symposium in September (Dapice). 8/9.


Sent information to MHAT that upcoming Zarrow National Symposium on mental health and homelessness has no session on domestic violence, stalking and homelessness (none submitted) but OTT-NOW and T.K. Wolf will provide information re these at the T.K. Wolf booth (Dapice). 8/15.


Sent information on DOI Indian Country Sexual Assault Training for Tribes and FBI to OTT-NOW Team (Dapice). 8/27.


Orientation of new native undergraduate and graduate students, meetings with graduate students, Alumni Relations related to Association of Native Alumni matters, University of Pennsylvania, Phila., (Dapice). 9/4-12.


Partners for Change Conference: Domestic and Sexual Violence and Stalking. Norman, OK

(Adams-Harris) 9/19-20.


Helping prepare materials/bags for Zarrow Mental Health Symposium at Tulsa Convention Center (Dapice). 9/18.


VAWA Video, Indian Law Resource Center sent to OTT-NOW Team, T.K. Board (Dapice), Oklahoma Indian Education (Rodgers). 9/19.


2012 National Zarrow Mental Health Symposium and Mental Health America National Conference, Tulsa, OK, T.K. Wolf educational booth on the impact of domestic violence and stalking on homelessness among women and children; just published International volumes on violence (Praeger Greenwood Publishers) at booth: “Violence in the Brain,” “Stalking of Indians, Coincidence or Conquest?,” “Betrayal, Revenge and Religion: Selective Denial of Violence,” “Bullying Then and Now” (Dapice) and “Violence Against the Homeless” (Hunter); assisted Mental Health Association in Tulsa in monitoring sessions; obtained American Indian singing/drumming group for evening banquet (Hunter, Rodgers, Dapice). 9/19-21.


Sent Vice President Biden’s message re VAWA to OTT-NOW Team, T.K. Wolf Board (Dapice). 9/21.


Mvskoke Nation Film Festival Award Banquet—3rd Place award for “Unheard Voices: Stalking in Indian Country.” (Adams-Harris, Dapice) 9/27.


Attended Mvskoke Nation Film Festival and presented background of “Unheard Voices” documentary (Dapice) 9/29.


Working with Muscogee-Creek and Cherokee Nations, Bikers Against Child Abuse, and f.a.c.e.s. related to intervention for domestic violence victim. (Adams-Harris/Dapice) 10/2-ongoing.


Attended Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry 75thAnniversary event to honor former Executive Director, Sr. Sylvia Schmidt, Rabbi Charles Sherman and Rev. Mouzon Biggs, Tulsa, OK (Adams-Harris/Hunter/Dapice) 10/4.


Call to Southern Policy Law Center re client victim of KKK (Dapice). 10/5.


Sent bio and contact info for Helen Fisher to MHAT Education Committee as requested for 2013 Zarrow Symposium (Dapice). 10/11.


Presentation “Does Being Indian Get in the way of Education” to Indian Education high school students at Sapulpa High School, Sapulpa, OK. (Rodgers/Dapice) 10/13.


Participated in National Indian Education Association Conference, OKC, OK (Rodgers) 10/18-21.


Human Rights Training, University of Oklahoma School of Law, Norman, OK Dowell panel (Dowell, Dapice), 10/19.


Sent materials to Alumni Relations at University of Pennsylvania for Association of Native Alumni’s Homecoming event (Dapice). 10/21.


Wrote guest editorial and submitted, with Sherry Clark of f.a.c.e.s., to Editor, Oklahoma Observer, “Justice?” to be published next edition (Dapice). 10/21.

Comanche Nation Domestic Violence Awareness Month Training, Lawton, OK. (Adams-Harris/Dapice) 10/24.


T.K. Wolf’s Dun & Bradstreet information updated (Dapice). 10/25.


Conversation with Robert Lundgren, Landscape Architect, University of Pennyslvania, after previous discussions with Associate Provost, Dr. Lynn Lees and Greenfield Intercultural Center Director, Valerie DeCruz re development of “Lenape Garden” at Penn—a place to host native students, hold ceremonies, educate re lands sacred to native people (Dapice). 10/25.


Planning conference call as co-chair for Penn Spectrum 2013, University of Pennsylvania, Phila.—an alumni conference on diversity and community (Dapice). 11/1.


Contacted client re her offer to use video clips of stalking in a presentation (Dapice). 11/2.


Email to and response from Helen Fisher re her Newsweek article on brain based types related to testosterone, estrogen, serotonin and dopamine systems (Dapice). 11/2.


“Rennard Strickland Education Dreamkeeper Award” to T.K. Wolf Board President, Ray Rodgers and “Will Anquoe Humanitarian Dreamkeeper Award” to former T.K. Wolf Board President, Curtis Zunigha presented by the Greater Tulsa Area Indian Affairs Commission. (T.K. Wolf Board members attending). 11/6.


The Oklahoma Observer published “When Will We Learn?” by Dapice with Sherry Clark in Letters to Editor. 11/10.


Tulsa Global Alliance’s Kids’ World International Festival. Volunteer (Wilkins/Dapice). 11/15.


Attended John Hope Franklin Dinner at Greenwood Cultural Center. Vanessa Adams-Harris on planning committee. Adams-Harris/Hunter/Dapice attending. 11/15.


Discussions with Larry Paros in Seattle, Washington re development of Medicine Wheel program with use of Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (Pratt-Harrington/Dapice). 11/16.


Contacted Islamic Society of Tulsa re stalking issues. (Dapice). 11/17.


Conversation with Internal Affairs, Tulsa Police Department re domestic violence issue (Dapice). 11/19.


Meeting with American Indian Arts Association (Wilkins/Dapice). 11/20.


Conversations with f.a.c.e.s., Sherry Clark re domestic violence client (Dapice). 11/20.


Contact with California victim of stalking (Dapice). 11/20--ongoing.


Communication from Andrea Carmen, Executive Director, International Indian Treaty Council (Dapice). 11/21.


Cherokee Phoenix article includes T.K. Wolf Dreamkeeper Awaredees Ray Rodgers and Curtis Zunigha. 11/23.


Indian Country Today Op-Ed has “When Will We Learn?” by Dapice with Clark 11/23.


New York Times Op-Ed, “Lawlessness in Indian Country” sent to T.K. Wolf Board and others  (

(Dapice). 11/23.


Received communication from Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs at the BIA that the Indian Country Today editorial was compelling and he hoped it would encourage Congress to pass the present Violence Against Women Act (Dapice). 11/24.


Barbara Santee of Interfaith Alliance has “When Will We Learn?” along with NYT Op-Ed “Lawlessness in Indian Country” on her web mailings. 11/24.


“When Will We Learn?” is now on and sites. 11/28.


T.K. Wolf’s video: “Unheard Voices: Stalking in Indian Country” and discussion of problems of stalking and domestic violence in Indian Country, presented at Tulsa Global Alliance, to US State Department representatives for Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the West Bank (Dapice/Adams-Harris). 11/28.


Received word that Op-Ed “When Will We Learn?” will be in the Indian Country Today magazine (Dapice with Clark). 11/28.


Communication with Editor Lisa Snell, Native American Times (Dapice). 11/29.


Tulsa Indian Artist Festival planning meeting for February, 2013 Festival (Wilkins/Dapice). 11/29.


Response to University of Alaska professor request for information from T.K. Wolf re research on alcoholism and Type II Diabetes (Dapice) 11/30.


T.K. Wolf Winter Event at Church of the Restoration Universalist Unitarian Church, Tulsa (T.K. Wolf Board members and guests). 12/1.


Contact with University of Pennsylvania Alumni Relations re Association of Native Alumni event plans for Alumni Weekend in May, 2013 (Dapice). 12/3.


Sent T.K. Wolf information to Larry Hochhaus,  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Dapice). 12/4.


Communications with University of Pennsylvania re ANA Alumni Weekend (Dapice). 12/4-6.


Communications with stalking victims in CA & OR (Dapice). 12/6.


Conference call with University of Pennsylvania re ANA Newsletter (Dapice). 12/6.


Ongoing communications with University of Pennsylvania alumni (Dapice). 12/6.


Communications with Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania Chief Robert Red Hawk re International Men’s group and action re global family violence (Dapice). 12/7.


Conference call with University of Pennsylvania Alumni Relations Spectrum Committee Co-Chairs (Dapice). 12/7.


Research on brain imaging differences in Anti-Social Personality Disorder and Psychopathy from May 2012 (Dapice). 12/9.


Communication from individual in NC re concerns with alcoholism, Type II Diabetes and Fibromyalgia (Dapice). 12/10-ongoing.


Communication with University of Pennsylvania alumna (Dapice). 12/10.


Communication with Caw Nation in North Dakota re Stalking Webinar for Stalking Awareness Month (Dapice). 12/10.


alumna and communication with ANA and Natives@Penn (Dapice). 12/11.


Communication with University of Pennsylvania graduate student re indigenous programs and language; sent to Andrea Carmen, International Indian Treaty Council (Dapice). 12/11.


Communication with University of Pennsylvania alum re critical Indian issues (Dapice). 12/11.


Communication with Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania Chief and Assistant Chief (Dapice). 12/12.


Sent Sen. Franken's 'Stalking Apps' Bill Scheduled for Vote to TKW Board (Dapice/Adams-Harris). 12/13.


Conference call meeting with Caw Nation, ND re stalking webinar to be held for 22 agencies for Stalking Awareness Month, January, 2013, Stalking video and PowerPoint sent via email (Adams-Harris/Dapice). 12/14.


Communications with University of Pennsylvania Alumni Relations and ANA re conference call for January (Dapice). 12/14.


Conference call with University of Pennsylvania re ongoing plans for Spectrum 2013 (Dapice). 12/14.


Communications with different departments at University of Pennsylvania re Grand Entry for Spectrum 2013 (Dapice). 12/16.


Submitted University of Pennsylvania ANA Alumni Weekend event description in discussions with Greenfield Intercultural Center and Alumni Relations (Dapice). 12/17.


Attended American Indian Art Association luncheon (Wilkins/Dapice). 12/18.


Discussion with attorney in Seattle, WA re tribal business to assemble CES units (Dapice). 12/18.


Arrangements made to have interview with Muscogee-Creek Nation tribal judge re stalking for inclusion in stalking video (Adams-Harris). 12/19.


Lead Summer Business Institute for Native American high school Juniors at Stanford, Duke Dartmouth, Penn information sent to Oklahoma Indian Educators (Rodgers). 12/19.


Discussion re follow-up to Lead Summer Business Institute at Penn with Greenfield Intercultural Center staff (Dapice). 12/20.


Ongoing Work


Mental health, addiction, Indian health, cultural, violence issues


Mental Health Association Tulsa Education Committee (Hunter, Dapice)


Continuing research and education activities


Stalking video/documentary (Adams-Harris/R. Martin/Dapice)


Client advising/counseling and follow-up (Dapice/Brauchi)


Saving documentation of stalking for victims


Check-ins with stalking and domestic violence victims


Database and digitizing of TKW research (E. Martin w/ Dapice/Fox)


OTT-NOW Grant activities, monthly meetings, Jan-Sept. (Adams-Harris/Dapice)


OTT-NOW monthly invoicing, Jan-Sept. (Fox/Dapice)


Continuing work at a distance with University of Pennsylvania Natives at Penn students and Association of Native Alumni via conference calls, emails, in person


Attending Greater Tulsa Area Indian Affairs Commission meetings (Wilkins/Dapice)


American Indian Arts Festival planning meetings (Wilkins/Dapice/Adams-Harris)


Ongoing communication (emails, phone and conference calls) with University of Pennsylvania native undergraduate and graduate students, alumni, faculty, and staff.


Ongoing work with Lenape Nation of Pennsylvania.


Work with respective tribes by T.K. Wolf Board members





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